Best Kratom Vendors: How To Know Who Sells The Best Kratom

Buying kratom that is fresh and potent can be a minefield. A lot of people end up buying what is little better than colored dust. I don’t want that to happen to you, so I’m going to talk to you about how to spot the best kratom vendors and guarantee you get quality kratom every time you buy.

Forget the fact that it’s red, green, white, or what the strain is, none of that will matter if the kratom has a poor alkaloid content. To get the best out of kratom, you have to know who sells the best kratom, and how to spot who doesn’t.

So this quick guide is going to tell you about the best places to buy kratom online, and what good quality kratom should look like in terms of how it’s produced, stored, and sold to you.

Plus, we will do for detailed best kratom vendors reviews of the top four places in the USA today that sell genuinely wonderful kratom that is rich in alkaloids and perfect for experimenting with.

How To Know What Good Quality Kratom Is Like

If you get kratom from the best kratom vendors, you will get guaranteed high alkaloid, rich kratom. As a great benchmark, you should start to feel the effects with just a couple of grams. And at 5 g of high-quality kratom, you should be feeling the full spectrum of kratom effects at a moderate level.

When I first started out taking kratom, I made the mistake of buying it locally in a garage. I then went off to a party, and 5 g had no effect at all. It was basically like dust. So I forgot about kratom for a few years until I was offered some by a friend a couple of years back.

5 g of pure White Borneo sent me into orbit with energy and enthusiasm for several hours. It was incredible. That’s the sort of level you should be looking at in terms of dose (of any sort of kratom, it doesn’t matter what vein color, it doesn’t matter what strain) to get the full effects.

Kratom Must Be Harvested, Dried, And Imported Correctly

The kratom you buy must have been harvested, dried, and imported into the USA correctly.

The best kratom vendors buy their kratom direct from wholesalers in the locations the kratom is made. They don’t just buy it from somebody who has already imported into the USA in bulk, and then label it up based on what they think it could be.

The best kratom is harvested carefully in the region it’s grown. The crucial part though is how it’s dried. It’s the drying process (either outdoors, indoors, or even under UV light) that determines its potency, and also it’s traits.

It then has to be stored correctly while it’s exported. It’s then imported into the USA, and the retailers package it for sale. This whole process has to be done with care and expertise if the alkaloid content and individual alkaloid profiles are to be maintained.

On top of that, if it’s not imported properly and backed up properly then you literally don’t know what you’re buying.

It’s not unheard of for people to just mix together the kratom they buy and then label it up as different types. They just get a white kratom and then back it up as White Borneo, White Bali, any of the white kratom strains. It’s completely unscrupulous, and it’s why there’s so much confusion about the difference between the strains at times.

Another trick is to mix the kratom they buy-in with a completely different ground herb. That way the kratom they’re selling goes further. They then sell the same amount as other suppliers at lower price, but they are making the same amount of money. People think they are getting a great deal though. This is tough to spot, which is why the benchmark around 5 g to get the full effects is so important.

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Great kratom always has the following traits:

  • Grown and harvested with loving care in a single region
  • Is harvested together and dried out to time tested procedures
  • This purely produced kratom is sold through wholesalers direct to the retailers
  • The retailers will back it up and label it correctly
  • The retailer will have it batch tested for purity
  • The retailer will not cut the kratom with other herbs

The Best Kratom Vendors Will Lab Test And Publish Results

Although there are dozens of kratom vendors in the USA, not many actually publish results about the quality of their kratom, nor guarantee them in any way. The kratom sellers I buy from do guarantee the quality. Here’s how it works.

From every batch they got, a small amount is sent off to an independent third-party lab for testing. The alkaloid content is tested and the results published via a certificate of purity. This certificate is then published on the website for each type of kratom, and each batch of kratom.

It’s a laborious process, and only the people who buy in fantastic quality kratom and are proud of that actually do it.

Even if they don’t publish the actual reports, they are available on request. Also, one of the best kratom sellers will also give you a choice of alkaloid content when you buy the kratom. So they may give you a choice between buying 5 g of 2.7% alkaloid content, or 5 g of 2.3% alkaloid content at slightly different prices.

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Where You Should Not Buy Kratom From

I wouldn’t advise you to buy kratom locally unless you have an incredible local vendor. That doesn’t apply is 99% of the USA.

What you will get locally is generic kratom that’s been bought in bulk, packed up indiscriminately, and labeled up as anything they like. It’s usually sold with generic branded names to look cool and exciting.

You can usually buy stuff like this in headshops, garages, and local retailers. It stored badly, and it’s a little better than dust. My advice is to always buy kratom online from the best kratom vendors you can find, rather than trying to shortcut and find kratom near you. Delivery only takes a couple of days, so it’s not worth the risk.

Be Careful About Fake Kratom Vendors Reviews

Before I move on to tell you where to buy kratom online that really pure and fantastic value for money, I want to warn you about fake Best kratom vendor reviews out there.

You’ll see them on sites like Reddit and YouTube. User reviews I’m talking about, with people saying things like “I bought X kratom from X supplier and it was awesome”.  Just those little anecdotal vendor reviews that all add up.

Mostly, those are purchased for a few cents a time on marketplaces that either does them automatically or pay Third World workers a few pennies each time.

But those fake reviews build-up, and it’s easy to be fooled when you go to a page discussing the kratom you’re interested in and dozens of people are all saying it’s great. Consensus marketing is powerful, and the aim is to try and convince you that if everybody else has got it then it’s something you should trust as well.

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My Top Four Kratom Vendors Online

Put together, when it comes to defining the best kratom vendors, you are looking at the following traits:

  • They will have a professional website that is easy to use and navigate
  • The website will be empty it will contain lots of detailed information
  • The shopping cart will be professional and offer all payment options not just PayPal or Bitcoin
  • The kratom they sell will have a great reputation online amongst user reviews
  • Searching for then will bring up lots of obvious real user reviews
  • The kratom you receive will be rich and earthy in nature
  • Kratom sold to you will be slightly bitter to taste
  • You’ll feel the effects with a couple of grams and moderate full-spectrum effects around 5 g

So hopefully all that has given you a bit of a better idea in what to look for from the best place to buy kratom online, and I’m now going to help you further by talking you through four of the best places I’ve ever found so you can compare and contrast, maybe place a little test order, and start experimenting with different types of kratom that are high impurity and fantastic value for money.

  1. Coastline Kratom

Number one on anyone’s list has to be Coastline Kratom. If they aren’t numbered one on the list of best kratom vendors been presented to you in any list of the best place to buy kratom online, then that list is trying to point you to a certain vendor.

Coastline Kratom was established in 2015, and have quickly become the number one kratom seller in the USA.

They import directly from the regions who grow the kratom, and they then batch-test them, publish the results, and bag the kratom up beautifully for sale. They don’t actually sell the widest range of kratom, but what they do sell is incredible quality. They sell Bali, Horned, Borneo, Malay, and Maeng Da.

I’ll just talk about the Maeng Da kratom Coastline Kratom sell. It’s not actually a strain of kratom all, and that sometimes fools people.

It’s a blend of kratom. Maeng Da literally translates as “pimp grade”. What happens is somebody buys in some kratom that’s batch tested a stronger than usual, and so it’s labeled up like this. So it could be just White Borneo, White Bali, red Bali, anything.

In fact, sometimes they even blend white and red to create an overall stronger kratom. So with Maeng Da you literally don’t know what you’re getting from one batch the next, it’s just stronger kratom if the people who are selling it are scrupulous and genuinely bag up proven the stronger kratom as this.

I’d recommend White Borneo as a fantastic starting place. Several grams of this will get you through the entire day. It energizing, it’s clean, and you will feel absolutely positive and energized using it.

Prices aren’t that cheap though, but you will always pay for quality. The best kratom vendors aren’t cheap, and cheapness is always a sign that the kratom is either poor quality or has been mixed with another kratom to make it go further.

All of the kratom Coastline Kratom sells is now available in both capsules and loose powder form. Capsules are brilliant because they are so convenient and perfect for beginners, but you will pay almost twice as much for the convenience.

  • Highest quality kratom you will find
  • Not the widest range of kratom strains
  • All the kratom they sell is tested for purity
  • Prices aren’t low but you pay for quality
  • All kratom available in loose powder and capsule form
  • Maeng Da kratom is genuinely stronger
  • They do a limited variety pack offer

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  1. The Evergreen Tree

Second, on my list are a supplier I’ve used for about a year now. The Evergreen Tree has been around for a while, but have rapidly grown in the range they sell.

The quality of the kratom is pretty good, almost as good as Coastline Kratom, although I do suspect the alkaloid content is slightly lower.

This is the brilliant part about The Evergreen Tree, and I’ve never seen it from another kratom vendor anywhere. You can buy kratom based on tested alkaloid content. The stronger you want to buy, the more you pay.

As an example, let’s look at their incredibly good Red Borneo (absolutely perfect for pain relief). You can buy 500 g of up to 1.4% alkaloid content $49.95, or you can buy 500 g of up to 1.7% alkaloid content for $79.99. If you want the premium quality, then you can buy 500 g of up to 2% alkaloid content for $119.95.

So as you can see, there is a wide variety of alkaloid contents available, which is properly tested and verified, and how you know you’re getting what you pay for.

The Evergreen tree is a comprehensive kratom seller as well. As well as all the main strains of loose powder kratom, they sell some really rare ones like Yellow Borneo and Red Vietnam. In total, they sell 40 types of loose kratom powder, the most I’ve ever seen.

This is closely mimicked by the kratom capsules and kratom extracts they sell as well. I’ve never seen so many different types, and the choice is almost mind-blowing. It will take you years to work your way through the full range. But I’m enjoying the journey.

  • An incredible range of kratom in all formats
  • The only company to offer different strengths at different prices
  • Genuine rare strains of kratom available with subtly different effects
  • Prices are still reasonable but not cheap
  • They do incredible combo variety and beginning pack deals
  1. Buykratom (Kratora)

Third on my list of the best kratom vendors are BuyKratom. For me, these guys are the unsung heroes of kratom selling in the USA. I don’t understand why they don’t appear in more kratom vendor reviews out there, I think it might be because they aren’t as aggressive with their marketing and so aren’t as well known.

Let me tell you that the quality of the kratom they sell is exceptional, just as good as Coastline Kratom for me, but slightly cheaper.

Not only do they sell more than 20 different types of standard loose powder, including all the favorites like Red Bali and White Borneo, but they also sell a wide range of kratom extracts (super concentrated and potent kratom).

But the other thing I want to point out is they are perfect for beginners. They sell the widest range of variety packs you will see anywhere, five different types in total. So for a low price you can try seven different types of red kratom, for example, one small pouch of each, giving you the chance to try seven different types once each for a total price of just $50.

  • A wide range of high-quality kratom powder
  • They sell a fantastic range of kratom extracts
  • On the downside, they do not sell kratom capsules
  • Fantastic for beginners because of the widest range of affordable variety packs
  • They also sell liquid kratom that’s expensive but incredibly convenient

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  1. Tropic Health Club

At the other end of the scale to the vendors already mentioned, one of the best places to buy kratom online is Tropic Health Club.

They are at the other end of the scale because they only sell three products: Green, white, and red kratom in capsule form. This is because they are aimed at the health market, for pain relief and mental energy, and they have simplified the choices down to those three decisions.

It’s blended kratom, advertised as a white mood-boosting pack, green energy boosting pack, and red pain relief pack. So what you’re getting is high-quality kratom that blended together to create a generic red, green, or white experience.

That might not be for everyone, but it is incredibly simple and convenient. You want to try white kratom, you just order 60 capsules of generic strong white kratom powder. You want pain relief, you order the red kratom capsules instead. It’s that simple to do.

Prices are slightly expensive, but as I said before, kratom capsules are the best way to experiment if you’re a beginner. You don’t have to weigh kratom, you don’t have to mess around with the kratom powder (which tastes very bitter and unpalatable), and you don’t have to work out how to consume the loose kratom powder. It’s also perfect for dosing during the day, if you want ongoing pain relief or mood boosts.

  • Brilliant for beginners because of the convenience
  • Green, white, and red generic kratom capsules
  • You can buy single packs or an ongoing monthly subscription for regular supplies
  • The quality of the kratom is exceptional
  • On the downside, it is an expensive format