The Best Detox Drinks For Weed: 3 Detox Drinks That Work!

If you’re looking for the best detox drinks for getting rid of weed metabolites then you could be surprised at what I’m going to tell you now in this really quick and personal guide.

I’m going to tell you the truth about detox drinks for weed and using detox drinks generally. I’ll tell you how good they are, stack up the pros and cons of using a detox drink against using synthetic urine or detox pills, and tell you exactly how to use detox drinks with the best chance of success.

I’ll also tell you what the top three best detox drinks for weed are, how to use them, and also warn you away from retailers and detox drinks you should avoid.

How A Detox Drink Works

The big misconception about a detox drink is that it flushes all the drug toxins out of your body leaving you permanently clean. What’s true is that a detox drink flushes toxins out of your body for a few hours. But it doesn’t flush out any toxins apart from the ones that are already in your bladder and urinary tract.

A detox drink works in two stages:

  1. The rush of liquid allows you to urinate frequently, flushing out the urine already in your bladder, urine that contains toxins. Your bladder then fills up with a liquid that doesn’t contain toxins, because toxins take several hours to work their way back into your urine, you’re not constantly pushing toxins from your kidneys into your bladder.
  1. The problem with flushing you out this way is that it could leave your sample diluted, appearing unnatural. You could flush yourself out with water, but that wouldn’t give you a natural sample.

So stage II of the process when drinking a detox drink is the fact that they contain a flood of nutrients and waste products around in human urine. For example, detox drinks contain creatine, which is quickly converted in the body into creatinine, which is always found in urine.

When you flush your system out, because there’s also a rush of these ingredients, the body filters some straight through and processes others. The net result from using a good quality detox drink is that your urine is not only flushed out but still contains all the things it should, just for a few hours until the toxins start to leak back in.

Do Detox Drinks Work?

The answer to the question does detox drinks work is yes. They definitely do work as long as you buy a premium brand and help them as much as possible by detoxing beforehand.

If you just keep smoking weed right up until the time of your test, then even the very best detox drinks for weed are going to fail. You have to give them a head start, and you have to prepare. I’ll talk you through all that in a moment.

But yes, detox drinks do work, and they are a very easy way to pass most drug tests. The only time that a detox drink might fail is if you don’t prepare in advance, you get unlucky, or you have such a high volume of toxins being pushed out of your body that you don’t get long enough clean to submit your sample.

How To Use Detox Drinks For Drug Tests

So let’s quickly talk about how to use detox drinks for drug test success.

The important point I want to make right here is that there is no such thing as the best detox drink for weed. Detox drinks flush out everything in your bladder and then replace what’s been lost to maintain the natural balance.

So the bottom line is there is no such thing as a detox drink that targets a specific type of drug metabolite. If anyone tells you that a certain detox drink is one of the best detox drinks for weed, then they don’t know what they’re talking about. In this guide I’m just recommending the three best drinks for all users.

So whatever drug metabolites you’re trying to get rid of, the basic instructions on using detox drinks for drug tests are pretty similar. I’ve used them a couple of times, so let me talk you through how I used Rescue Cleanse last time I had a pre-employment drug test, about eight months ago now:

  1. I did a detox for a few days beforehand because I knew the test was coming up. A natural detox means giving up the drugs, cutting out other toxins, exercising, drinking plenty of water, going to the toilet lots, and eating lean, clean and small meals. All that will help to speed up your body to push out toxins naturally. It also means on the day of your test you will have less metabolites in your body. Most detox drinks actually recommend in the instructions to have a 48 hour detox, but I advocate as long as possible, 72 hours if possible, especially if you are a chronic daily weed smoker.
  2. About two hours before your test time drink the contents of the detox drink. Some will then ask you to refill the bottle and drink that additional water as well, but none of the best brands do.
  3. You will then need to spend an hour urinating as often as possible. It’s okay to drink a little extra water during this time if you need an extra push, but no more than 8 fluid ounces to help this process.
  4. I then suggest that you do as I always do, which is to use a home drug test kit. These cost just a few dollars, and if you do it half an hour before you walk out of the door, an hour after you’ve drunk the detox drink, you’ll know if you are clean or not.
  5. You then go and submit your sample within about three hours to ensure the toxins haven’t leaked back into your system.
  6. Always have a backup plan in case the home drug test kit tests positive. A second detox drink will usually do the trick, or it might be better if you know you’ve got very high levels of toxins in you to use synthetic urine as your backup plan if you are intent on using a detox drink.

I will just say here though that synthetic urine is definitely safer than detox drinks for an unsupervised drug test,s which is the vast majority of those that you could face.

A good quality synthetic urine like Quick Luck closely mimics real human urine, uses heat activator powder which gives you the exact control over the sample temperature, and the sample can be prepared in two minutes. It’s easy to smuggle in as well because you won’t be physically searched.

I do get that a lot of people use detox drinks because they just don’t have the guts to smuggle that sample in, and that’s okay, but please consider it as your backup at least.

Although I’ve used a detox drink before, what I found is that the level of worry is actually higher than smuggling the sample in when you know the detox drink has a slightly higher rate of failure. So next time I do a drug test I’ll be submitting a fake sample because that’s the best chance of passing.

Also just to clarify here, if you are facing a supervised test, or you not sure if it’s going to be supervised or not, then a detox drink is definitely your best option. You have to make sure you get one of the best detox drinks for drug tests you can buy though.

Do detox drinks work

Detox Drinks Vs Detox Pills

So before I move on to talking specifically about the best detox drinks for weed and other drug metabolites, I want to talk you through the pros and cons of detox drinks Vs detox pills.


  • A detox drink will mask the toxins far more quickly because pills require a natural detox of at least one week
  • Detox drinks are far easier to buy
  • Instructions for use are far simpler


  • Detox drinks only mask the toxins for a few hours
  • Poor quality detox drinks can fail completely
  • Even the best detox drinks can struggle if you have high toxin exposure and you don’t detox for several days before the test

Detox Drinks Vs Synthetic Urine

 So let’s now look at the pros and cons of detox drinks Vs synthetic urine:


  • Detox drinks don’t require you to prepare a fake sample
  • Detox drinks are usually cheaper than the best synthetic urine products
  • There’s no smuggling in a fake sample


  • Synthetic urine has a far higher success rate than detox drinks (about 90% versus 99%)
  • Detox drinks only keep you clean for a few hours

detox drinks vs synthetic urine

Buying Detox Drinks: Walmart, Walgreens, GNC

My next word of advice is to not get detox drinks at Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, eBay, Amazon, or from any other large, non-specialist retailer.

Although these places do sell detox drinks, nearly all of these detox drinks are really poor quality. For example, Qcarbo32 is widely sold at Walmart, Walgreens, and GNC. Although it could work for someone with low toxin exposure, it’s not great for replacing the nutrients, you could fail for having an unnatural sample. It’s the same with all of the low quality drinks they sell.

The only exception to that is Mega Clean, which I’ll talk about more in a little while.

Home Remedy Detox Drinks Do Not Work

As well as warn you away from buying poor quality detox drinks from general retailers, I’ll also just want to mention home remedies here.

Some people suggest that you can pass a drug test by using a home remedy detox drink. There is a myriad of ones out there that people claim will work, stuff like baking soda and water, cranberry juice, lime juice, white wine vinegar, even household bleach. It’s just a nuts list.

As you now know, you could flush out your system with water. But it will dilute your urine because it won’t maintain the complex natural balance. That’s exactly the same as for every single natural remedy out there as well. Unless you buy a specialist product that’s balanced perfectly to keep your urine natural, then it’s a complete waste of time and could actually make you ill.

Top  3 Best Detox Drinks For Weed

So look I hope you’ve learned something from this quick guide to the best detox drinks for weed. I’ve talked from personal experiences here, and also I’ve learned a lot from friends who’ve used detox drinks as well.

I’m now going to recommend the top three best detox drinks for weed in my experience. I’ve used Rescue Cleanse, my best buddy has used Mega Clean just over a year ago, and just recently someone online I know well who I recommended this to, used Ultra Eliminex and passed despite being a chronic daily smoker.

Detoxify Mega Clean

A lot of people ask do detox drinks work because they see high failure rates in online chat. Mega Clean is a very popular drink that has good, and bad reviews online about it.

I want to set the record straight here because I know the truth. Mega Clean is only a passable detox drink, but certainly better than Qcarbo32. On its own it will work if you have very light toxin levels, but if you’re a chronic daily weed smoker, it’s not going to be one of the best detox drinks.

But if you buy Mega Clean from Test Clear, you will get six powerful pre-cleanse pills with it free. You simply take those during the 24 hours before your test. So I advocate a 48 hour detox, taking the pills on day two. These will flush out tons of extra toxins, leaving Mega Clean less work to do on the day. Then on the day you just drink the Mega Clean, urinate over the next hour, and go and take your test. It’s the standard instructions.

Put together, it makes Mega Clean one of the most powerful detox drinks you can buy. That’s why I’ve used a pill and drink combo.

detox drinks for weed

Ultra Eliminex

This powerful detox drink is actually made by the same people who make Qcarbo32, Herbal Clean. But please don’t let that worry you because it’s a far more advanced and modern formula that genuinely works.

I haven’t ever used Ultra Eliminex for real drug test but I know someone who has recently. I have tested it at home using a home drug test kit though, and it worked for me as well. That’s why I’m happy to recommend it here.

It’s a very powerful formula, but quite expensive. In fact usually (unless you get it on offer) it’s the most expensive detox drink on the market. However, it’s also the most powerful.

As with my other recommendations, you don’t need additional water, which is a sign of a poor quality detox drink. You simply drink the bottle of drink, urinate over the next hour, and then confidently go and submit your clean sample. But even though it’s powerful, I’d still recommend the 48 hour detox.

Rescue Cleanse

My final recommendation is the one I’ve used myself in a live drug test situation. Rescue Cleanse is made by Clear Choice, a very reputable company that also makes the only two brands of synthetic urine I totally recommend (Sub Solution and Quick Luck).

Rescue Cleanse is another high quality 32 fluid ounce bottle of powerful detox drink. Again, do your 48 hour detox and then drink the drink two hours before you leave. Urinate over the next hour, and you should be completely clean for at least five hours unless you have incredibly high toxin exposure.

So Rescue Cleanse instructions are straightforward, as they are for Mega Clean and Ultra Eliminex. Just don’t leave it too long before you submit your sample. Although they say you will be clean for several hours, remember you have already spent an hour of that time before you left home.

Detox drinks for drug test

Just make sure you do that 48 hour detox if possible. If you can get your hands on powerful detox pills and I would recommend you use those during the 48 hours well. Toxin Rid do one, two, and three day courses which are perfect for helping to detox, leaving you ready to use one of my top three best detox drinks for weed on the day of your test.