Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Review: How To Use Quick Fix For Drug Tests

This is going to be a fast and simple Quick Fix review to tell you how to use Quick Fix for drug test success. I’ve used it to pass a live drug test, and I’m going to tell you how good this fake urine really is.

Quick Fix is a pretty basic brand of synthetic urine, but for the reasons I’m going to outline here in this review, it’s still one of the best you can buy, offering excellent value for money.

I’ll tell you what you get in the Quick Fix kit, and how to use Quick Fix for a drug test. Plus, you’ll learn the reasons why Quick Fix failed people, and also where to buy Quick Fix at the best price.

But more than that, you’ll also learn about a couple of alternatives to Quick Fix that are out there which could do the job of passing a drug test with more certainty.

Why Fake Urine Is The Best Way To Pass A Drug Test

If you are facing a drug test then there are basically have three ways you can pass it:

  • Naturally, detox and maybe accelerate that with detox pills (takes at least a week though)
  • Mask the toxins with a high-quality detox drink
  • Submit a completely fake sample of synthetic urine

For me, the obvious thing to do is to submit a fake urine sample, because that way it doesn’t take time to detox, and a detox drink has a slightly higher failure rate because especially with high toxin levels in your body, they can struggle to mask them for long enough.

If you are facing a drug test at short notice, and your a chronic weed smoker for example, then a detox drink without any type of detox, even for 24 hours, is going to be problematic. So synthetic urine for me has always been the obvious choice. It’s easy to prepare, easy-to-use, and offers the highest chance of success.

Quick Fix is definitely one of the biggest brands around when it comes to fake urine products. It’s been around for 10 years, and online reviews of it I will always pretty good. It only costs about $40 though, putting it firmly in the budget bracket range, affordable to anyone.

However, it has a great track record over nearly a decade. Despite advances in urine sample drug testing, Quick Fix still seems to work well, with tons of recent comments on places like Reddit and YouTube, and specialist forums, plus people I network with, saying that they have passed drug tests using it.

What You Get With Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 6.2

 When you get your box of Quick Fix you will find the following components inside the box:

  • Air activated heat pad
  • A container of premixed urine
  • An elastic band to strap the heatpad to the sample
  • Instruction leaflet

Not hugely impressive, but all you need to pass a urine sample drug test. There are no frills with this product, but it does the job.

There are two key things that you need to understand here. The first is about the complexity of the Quick Fix formula. Quick Fix is okay, not the most complex formula, but it contains all the basics that a lab will look for:

  • Balanced for pH
  • Within the correct specific gravity range
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine (the three things most commonly looked for)
  • Quick Fix looks like real urine

The smaller size, the 2oz container of urine costs just $30, while the larger 3oz size will cost you $10 more. I’d always recommend you go for the larger size, because some labs now request a sample size larger than 2 fluid ounces of urine.

How To Use Quick Fix For Drug Tests

Once you’ve purchased Quick Fix you are reliant on the complexity of its formula to get you through your drug test. But there is one thing you can control, and that’s the heat of your sample.

That’s the crucial part of successfully using Quick Fix for drug test success, and it’s within your control:

  1. Make sure you activate the heatpad before you start the microwaving process so that the air-activated heatpad has a few minutes to raise its temperature. You don’t want to strap the heat pad to the sample cold, because it will cool before the heat from the heatpad and stabilize it.
  2. Microwave the sample container for a few seconds at a time until a temperature reading appears on the temperature strip. The sample must be between 90°F and 100°F to be valid at the time you submit it. Get it as close to 100°F as possible without going over.
  3. Use the elastic band to strap the sample to the heatpad. For a bit of extra reassurance, I’d suggest you actually use duct tape instead because this will be far more secure.
  4. Put on two pairs of underpants. Tuck the sample in between them. That will keep it secure and stop it wandering around when you move, and it will keep the sample close to your body to retain more heat.

Just before you go into the building where you are going to submit your sample check the temperature again. If it’s cooled outside that magical temperature range, you are in trouble because the heatpad has failed, or you’ve left it too long. In this instance, either has a flask of hot water handy or look around for a bar, somewhere like that, that will have restrooms with a hot tap to raise the temperature of the sample.

How To Use Quick Fix

Quick Fix Failed?

So you may have read online those Quick Fix failed stories. That’s the same with any brand of synthetic urine. It’s not unusual.

Quick Fix won’t fail because it’s detected as artificial in the way that many other samples are. It doesn’t contain biocide, an artificial preservative used in a lot of synthetic urine brands which the drug testing labs now check for. So you are safe on that count from Quick Fix failing.

You might fail a drug test with Quick Fix because they detect it’s a fake sample for another reason though. This is possible if it’s a more advanced drug test, or your sample comes under a more intensive validity checking process. It does contain all the basics that a lab will look for, but it’s not the most advanced formula on the market. But for the price, it excellent value and it’s unlikely to be the reason you will fail.

For me, Quick Fix has failed people mostly because of that temperature problem. The heatpad can fail, or people can just mess up or panic. That’s why I always suggest that you plan to have another heat source ready just in case you have to raise the temperature before you submit the sample

But as long as you can control the sample temperature, Quick Fix is reliable and incredibly affordable. For the money its excellent value, head and shoulders above all the other budget urine brands in that sub-$50 price range.

Where To Buy Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Before I tell you where to buy Quick Fix, I’m going to tell you where not to buy it. Do not buy it on a general marketplace website like Amazon or eBay. Sometimes it’s out of date, that’s been obtained and sold cheaply. That will lower the quality and the potential for it to fail.

Very rarely, but it happens, it can be fake stock. That’s the same with any drug test avoidance products, urine, drinks, pills. So when it comes to telling you where to buy Quick Fix, I always recommend you buy any drug test avoidance product from the official website or an authorized reseller.

You can buy Quick Fix at the best price from this trusted and authorized reseller by clicking here. That’s where I bought my Quick Fix when I passed a drug test using it.

Quick Fix Alternatives

So the conclusion of this Quick Fix review is that it’s one of the best brands of fake urine out there. It’s got a long and positive track record, and it doesn’t contain biocide. If you don’t want to spend a fortune, and it’s not and advanced drug test, then Quick Fix will be good enough to pass.

If you want the absolute guarantee of passing though, then Sub Solution and Quick Luck, both from the company Clear Choice, are more advanced formulas.

They also don’t use a heatpad, which is the biggest reason that a fake sample will get rejected for.

Quick Fix and Sub Solution use heat activator powder. It’s an advanced heating method that just requires you to tap in a little of the powder, shake it up, and the chemicals in it raise the temperature. It’s undetectable, and the urine will completely clear once it’s been absorbed.

So if you’ve only got $40, it’s a basic drug test, or you don’t care, then Quick Fix is a brilliant purchase. But if you want a little more reassurance, a slightly more advanced formula, and better control over the temperature of your sample, then Sub Solution at $80, or Quick Luck at $100 could be the brands to buy instead.