Quick Luck Synthetic Urine Review: How To Use & Why It Works

Sub Solution has been the top brand of fake pee for several years now, but in this Quick Luck synthetic urine review you’re going to learn why it’s big brother is head and shoulders above every single other fake urine product on the market.

You’ll learn about Clear Choice urine products, how to use Quick Luck, the best way to pass a drug test using it, and who it’s suitable for. Plus, we will compare Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, as they are the top three brands you should be considering using.

There’s also another vital component to preparing for a drug test that I will also cover in this review of Quick Luck, so you can have the ultimate in preparation before submitting the best possible fake sample.

About Clear Choice Urine

Clear Choice products are the best out there. They make Rescue Cleanse, one of the most powerful detox drinks you can buy. Clear Choice also makes Sub Solution, which until recently has been the best fake urine product you can buy.

But now the ultimate Clear Choice urine product is the newer fake urine one they’ve released called Quick Luck. The other great thing about Clear Choice urine products generally is that they don’t contain biocide. That’s an artificial preservative that a lot of fake urine brands contain.

It was rumored a couple of years ago that the big labs like Labcorp and Quest had realized that most fake urine contains an artificial preservative called biocide, and they started to test for it. That’s why there was a sudden spike of failures, which continues to this day. Just take a look online at forums and places like Reddit to see the evidence.

But Clear Choice urine has confirmed that both Sub Solution and Quick Luck do not contain biocide.

clear choice urine

Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution

Up until the release of Quick Luck, Sub Solution was the most complex synthetic urine brand you could buy.

Sub Solution contains 11 chemicals found in human urine, including the essential urea, uric acid, and creatinine. It’s also balanced for pH and specific gravity. Plus, it looks, smells, and even froths like the real thing to pass that potential visual scrutiny.

Quick Luck goes one better, even two better.

Firstly, it’s premixed. So you don’t have to mix up the powder that you get with Sub Solution to make the urine. That makes it incredibly convenient, and perfect for on the spot drug testing.

Secondly, Quick Luck has been re-balanced based on the latest evidence from scientific studies and anecdotal evidence from within the drug testing companies. It’s as close as you going to get to real urine.

Sub Solution is $80, Quick Luck is $100. With Sub Solution, which I still use, it’s plenty good enough to pass any sort of drug test.

If you want to be doubly sure, and you want the convenience of it being premixed, then Quick Luck is the ultimate upgrade.

I’ll also mention the third best brand of synthetic urine out there called Quick Fix. It’s only $40, and it’s far less complex than Sub Solution or Quick Luck. If you’re on a budget, or it’s a drug test you don’t really care about, then Quick Fix will probably pass.

But compared to Quick Luck and Sub Solution, Quick Fix is real budget stuff. You’ve got more chance of failing, and there is no heat activator powder, which means you’ll have to wrestle with just using a heating pad.

Quick fix urine

How To Use Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

 The power and simplicity of Quick Luck are reinforced by looking at the instructions on how to use Quick Luck:

  1. Because it’s premixed you don’t need to mix up the powder as you do with Sub Solution. It’s ready to go.
  2. You have several options for getting the temperature right. You can microwave it and then use a heating pad to keep it warm. Or you can just transport it cold. When you get outside the testing facility, pour in a little of the heat activator powder, shake it gently, and watch the temperature rise.
  3. For me, the best strategy would be to make everything work efficiently with the least effort. So when I use Quick Luck I will microwave it gently, to get a reading on the temperature strip of between 90°F and 100°F. Then I will strap the heat pad on and transport it. Just before I go in, I will check the temperature, and if it’s not close to 100°F, tap in a little heat activator powder to get it there.

Does Quick Luck Work?

Guys, Quick Luck definitely works. I’ve used Sub Solution to pass a pre-employment drug test. It wasn’t a simple one either, it was for a serious full-time position, and it was not your cheap five-panel test tests, it was one of the more complex 10 panel ones.

Sub Solution work like a charm, which means Quick Luck will work as well. Because it’s more complex, it is your best chance of passing a drug test.

When you add to that the convenience of the flexibility of the fact it’s premixed and the heat pads, then you’ve got the ultimate combo for any type of situation.

Unlike Sub Solution, Quick Luck is perfect for on the spot drug testing. Because it’s premixed, as long as you’ve got one minute out of sight, you can tap in the activator powder and have a perfect sample to submit. Just never pour in all the powder, you will overheat it. About one third is definitely enough.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Quick Luck

I want to conclude this Quick Luck synthetic urine review by telling you about the best place to buy it. For me, the official Clear Choice urine website is the only place I would recommend.

Buying Quick Luck or Sub Solution from Amazon is a big no-no. There are often fakes for sale, and I just wouldn’t take the chance.

My last bit of advice in this review of Quick Luck is to also buy “the practice kit” with it. If you buy it at the same time, you will get it for $30, with a total price of $130.

Quick Luck synthetic urine

The practice kit contains everything that the Quick Luck kit does but without the high-quality urine. So you can use water to practice with the heat activator powder and heat pads. You can practice transporting it, you can even stand near the testing facility to see how easily you can tap in powder.

You can see how discreetly you can do it, and you can just get a feel for the whole process. Then on the day, you can mimic what you’ve learned by using Quick Luck to guarantee to pass that drug test.